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My name is Marek Adamczyk. Welcome to the website dedicated to my projects and the other IT stuff.

At first I'd like to present technologies and tools I worked with. First of all I'd like to thank the Wingware company for Wing IDE non-commercial open source use license:

Wing IDE


  • Java (Eclipse)
  • C/C++ (Code::Blocks IDE)
  • Python (Wing IDE and Geany IDE)
  • SQL (MySQL syntax, SQLite)
  • PHP (Geany IDE)
  • HTML (Geany IDE)
  • CSS (Geany IDE)


  • OpenGL (graphics library)
  • GLU (additional functions for OpenGL)
  • SDL (useful functions for creating cross-platform games - I/O devices support, main application window, textures loading etc.)
  • SDL_mixer (sound support)
  • pyGame (set of Python modules designed for writing video games)
  • pyOpenGL (the binding layer between Python and OpenGL)
  • pyODE (3D physics engine)
  • pyBox2D (2D physics engine)
  • Panda3D (game engine)
  • OpenCV - computer vision
  • SQLite3 - local database
  • Google App Engine - the page you're looking at works with that framework
  • PyWX - using wxWidgets with Python language
  • PyQt4 - using Qt4 with Python language


  • GNOME 2.x.x (my favourite Desktop Environment)
  • GIMP (editing and creating 2D graphics)
  • Blender (editing and creating 3D graphics)
  • wxGlade (building GUI for wxWidgets applications)
  • QtDesigner (building GUI for Qt applications)
  • Avidemux (initial movie processing)
  • Geany (comprehensive, lightweight Integrated Development Environment for many programming languages)
  • Arch Linux, Debian and Ubuntu (favored operating systems)
  • gFTP (FTP client)
  • OpenOffice and LibreOffice (office suites)
  • GIT, SVN (version control systems)
I used Linux (one of Linux distributions to be acurate) to work with all the technologies and tools mentioned above. Among all the programming languages I used, Python is my favorite.